Honeywell Vacuum switch for aggressive liquid, gas (VNS)

For monitoring and controlling pressures in devices of the chemical industry and in the process engineering as well as wherever the pressure of aggressive liquids and gases has to be monitored.
Kind of pressure: vacuum, relative
Pressure connection: internal thread G1/4, external thread G1/2
Electrical connection: Plug DIN EN 175301
IP class: IP54
Housing material: rugged housing of seawater resistant aluminium die casting GD Al Si 12.
Media temp.: -25...70C
Media temp. limit: temperatures up to 85 oC are allowable for short periods. Higher temperatures are possible, provided that the limit is safeguarded by suitable measures (e.g. water tube trap, see Accessories for Pressure Switches / Transmitters)
Ambient temperature: -25...70C
Ambient temp. limit: at temperatures below 0 oC, ensure that no water condensation can arise in the sensor and in the switching device
Switch function/capacity: SPDT Microswitch 250 Vac; capacity 5 A inductive, 8 A resistive
Optional functions: add the type numbers below to the listed type numbers for extra functionality as described
-301: terminal connection housing, IP65
-307: two microswitches, switching in parallel or in succession, fixed switching interval, terminal connection case, IP65
-217: two microswitches, 1 plug, switching in succession, adjustable switching interval
-213: gold-plated contacts, switching capacity: max. 24 Vdc, 100 mA, min. 5 Vdc, 2 mA. And others not available with adjustable switching difference.
-351: protection class IP65 and switching housing with surface protection (chemical version)
-513: gold-plated contacts, switching differential permanent, IP65, switching capacity: max. 24 Vdc, 100 mA, min. 5 Vdc, 2 mA; suitable isolating switching amplifier necessary, degree of protection Ex-i
Certificates: SIL2 according IEC 61508-2
Medium type: agressive liquid or gas
Scale calibration: falling pressure
Pressure adjustment range: -1...0.1bar
Switching diff.: 50mbar
Max. pressure: 6bar
Sensing element material: Stainless Steel