Honeywell Electronic Pressure transmitter for gas and liquid (Smart SN)

Electronic Pressure Transmitters are microprocessor-controlled pressure measurement devices for relative pressures of -1 to +1 bar and 0 to 40 bar. They are suitable for an extremely wide range of applications, including the precision recording and monitoring of system pressure.
Adjustable attenuation filter
LCD graphical display (Human-Machine-Interface models, only) can be swiveled for better readability; display can be rotated in 90o steps by software
Media temp.: -20...80C
Sensing element material: Stainless Steel
Certificates: All 2-wire versions are SIL2 approved according IEC 61508
Medium type: liquid or gas
Kind of pressure: overpressure, relative

Pressure Transmitter without HMI (3-wire, 0-10V)
Pressure range: 0...16bar
Max. pressure: 32bar
IP class: IP67
Ambient temperature: -20...80C
Output Signal: 0..10V
Supply voltage: 24 Vac/dc
Wiring system: 3-wire
Display: no