Honeywell Damper and VBG/VBF ball valve actuator 5/10 Nm, SmartAct

Direct coupled actuators for air dampers, ventilation flaps, louvers and VAV-units.
Actuators can also be used with VBG/VBF ball valves.
Protection class: IP54
End switch function/capacity: SPDT switch 230 V, 5(3) A for models with end switch
Shaft mounting: for round shafts 8..16 mm; square shafts 6..13 mm
Removable wiring box, with cable gland M20x1,5 1/2" NPT.
Rotation direction selectable by switch.
Adjustable mechanical end limits included.
Built in rotation limiter: yes
Manual operation: yes

For damper area of 2 square meters
Supply voltage: 230 Vac
Control input signal: 2-pt
End switches: no
Position feedback: no
Runtime: max. 140s
Torque: 10Nm
Damper area: 2m2