Honeywell Damper and VBG ball valve actuator 3Nm, springreturn MS7103

Direct-coupled actuator with self-centering shaft adapter. Actuators are used within heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning(HVAC) systems. They can drive a variety of quarterturn, final control elements requiring spring return fail-safe operation.
Actuators can be used for:
air dampers
VBG2 and VBG3 ball valves (up to DN32). Mounting kit 5112-11/U to be used.
Protection class: IP54 in most orientations
End switch function/capacity: models with 2 SPST switches 125VAC, 1A; fixed setting 10o and 80o
Shaft mounting: for round shafts 9..16 mm; square shafts 6..13 mm
Fast testing mode (30 sec drive time)
Operation from -40oC to 65oC
Optional orientable conduit
Spring return: yes
Required materials: check accessories
Supply voltage: 24 Vac/dc
Control input signal: 2..10V=
Manual operation: no
Runtime: 90s
Spring return timing: 25s
Torque: 3Nm
Damper area: 0.6m2

Position feedback: 2..10V=
Wiring connection: Non conduit