Honeywell Diamond Sylk damper and VBG ball valve actuator 3Nm, springreturn MS3103

The new Honeywell Diamond Sylk Spring Return Actuator provides powerful performance from a compact and intelligent package for fast and easy installation. Sylk actuators rely on the Honeywell Proprietary Sylk bus communication protocol for positioning and position feedback. Multiple devices can be controlled using the Sylk Communicating architecture without using up any controller I/O. Simplified shaft adapter, integral conduit connectors, 40% thinner and smaller overall form factor means Diamond actuators easily accommodate most length, width and depth restrictions. Polarity insensitive wiring ensures that the actuator is always installed right the first time.
Actuators can be used for:
air dampers
VBG2 and VBG3 ball valves (up to DN32). Mounting kit 5112-11/U to be used.
Spring return: yes
Supply voltage: 24 Vac/dc
Control input signal: Sylk
Position feedback: Sylk
Runtime: 90s
Spring return timing: 25s
Torque: 3Nm

End switches: no