Honeywell Actuator 3-pt for zone control, 6,5 mm 180/300 N, M6410/M7410

Electrical actuator floating control.
Protection class: IP43/IP42
Position indication: with red indicator
End switch function/capacity: SPDT; capacity 1 A inductive, 5 A resistive
For M7410-models, the valve cap can be used for manual adjustment. For models with 2 end switches, the 2nd switch is adjustable.
Control input signal: 3-pt
Stroke: 6.5mm
Runtime: 150s

6,5 mm; 180 N; for valve series: V5078B, V5822A, V5823A/C, V5832A, V5833A/C, VSM
Stem force: 180N
Supply voltage: 24 Vac
Manual operation: no
End switches: no
Cable length: 5m