Honeywell Two-Stage Frost protection thermostat (FTSE)

Frost protection thermostats are installed on the air side for the purpose of protecting air conditioning units, heat exchangers, radiators, and similar installations against damages due to frost or freezing. With the FTSE Electonic Frost Protection Thermostat, Honeywell FEMA has expanded its line of electromechanical products with an electronic device.
Ambient temperature: 15...15C
Switch function/capacity: SPDT 250 Vac Microswitch / 8A
Protection Class: IP42
Setting Range: 1 ... 10 Degrees C
Electrical Connection: Terminals with tension clamp
Power Supplay: 24 V AC, +10/-20%
Analog Input: 0-10V
Analog Output: 0-10V
Temperature Output: 0-10V @ 0-10 degrees C

Capillary tube length: 6m