Honeywell Two-Stage Frost protection thermostat (FTSE)

Frost protection thermostats are installed on the air side for the purpose of protecting air conditioning units, heat exchangers, radiators, and similar installations against damages due to frost or freezing.
Control input signal: 0..10V=
Temp. setpoint range: 1...10C
Output Signal: 0..10V: Input/Temp.
Ambient temperature: 15...15C
Switch function/capacity: SPDT 250 Vac Microswitch / 8A
Reset function: reset inside
Thermostat application: frost protection thermostat, 2-phases
Mounting place: air duct
IP class: IP40
Power supply: 24Vac
The 0-10V output signal is the maximum of the input signal and the temperature value (10-0 degrees C = 0-10V)
Temperature element: capillary
Setpoint device: inside

Capillary tube length: 2m