Honeywell Single-stage frost protection thermostat (FT69)

Suitable for use as frost-protection thermostats for the protection of downstream air heaters in ventilation and climate control systems as well as heat exchangers in cooling systems. Can also be used to control electrical heating systems and to switch acoustic or optical alarm signals.
Housing material: Polycarbonate and ABS
Ambient temperature: -20...55C
Switch function/capacity: SPDT 24..250 Vac, 15(8)A
Thermostat application: frost protection thermostat
Mounting place: air duct
Setpoint device: screw
Temp. setpoint range: -8...8C
Differential fixed: 2K
IP class: IP65

Temperature element: capillary with bulb
Capillary tube length: 1.8m
Reset function: automatic reset