Honeywell Differential pressure switch for air (DPS)

Filter monitor or flow switch for air, non-combustible, non aggressive gases in air conditioning and ventilating installations.
Kind of pressure: overpressure, relative
Pressure connection: plastic connection piece for 5 mm (internal) hose
Electrical connection: AMP connector 6,3x0,8 (DIN 46244) or screw terminals
IP class: IP54
Sensing element material: ABS + Silicon
Media temp.: -20...85C
Ambient temperature: -20...85C
Switch function/capacity: SPDT switch 240 Vac; 1,5 A (0.4)A
Certificates: CE0085AR0013 according EC Gas Appliance Directive EU/2016/426 and DIN EN 1854
Accessories supplied with pressure switch: 2 m silicon hose, 2 connection pieces with mounting screws, 2 self tapping screws for mounting on housing, 3 screw terminals for electrical connection.
Medium type: air
Max. pressure: 10kPa

Pressure adjustment range: 500...2500Pa
Switching diff.: 150Pa