Command and information center for EXCEL 5000 controllers. Data, such as setpoint values and time switching programs can be entered via this operator unit. Important information such as actual temperature values, control status etc. can also be displayed.
A menu driven graphic display with 6 lines, 34 characters per line and 8 clearly marked keys make the device easy to use. The entire operation uses plain language text stored in the controller which can be freely accessed by the user. In addition, the display features a back light.
The device can be operated at three password levels, thereby protecting the data from unauthorized access.
Product description For all EXCEL 5000 controllers, desktop model, also suitable for wallmounting
Additional description The operator unit can be positioned up to 5 meters from the controller. Distances up to 1000 meters are possible, using line drivers.
European, Chinese and Cyrillic character sets
Specification sheet (English) Operator manual (English)
DescriptionAdditional Product TypeDownloads
Connection cable, 5 meter, from XI582 to RS232 port of any EXCEL 5000 controller XW582 TXT
Connection cable, 5 meter, from XI582 to terminals of XC5010C or XL100C XW583 TXT
Connection cable, 5 meter, from XI582 to RS232 (RJ45) port of Excel 800XW882 TXT
DescriptionAdditional Product TypeDownloads
Adapter from XW882 cable to RS232 port of Excel 50/100/500XW884 TXT
Adapter from XW582 cable to B-port of Excel 600XW584 TXT
DIN plugs
DescriptionAdditional Product TypeDownloads
5-pole DIN plug female for cabinet door mountingDCE1 TXT
5-pole DIN plug maleDCE2 TXT