Room temperature controller for pressure (in)dependent, single/dual duct, VAV units, with built in Microbridge air flow sensor, and actuator.
For cool air damper, re-heater/radiator and fan.
Control output signal 2 triacs (24V~, 25..400mA) configurable for 3-pt, PWM or single/multistage control for:
3-pt actuator or,
2-stage reheater or,
1-stage reheater + fan, or
1 fan
Control functions cooling only, heat/cool change over, cooling/reheat seq. with constant or modulating reheat airflow, cooling /radiatorheating seq. with minimum heat, dual duct, dual duct mixed flow, series/parallel fan
Control functions with 2 controllers dual duct constant volume, dual duct mixed flow, dual duct no flow mixing
Modes of operation occupied, standby, unoccupied, open window
Obligatory inputs
1 analogue input for room temperature sensor NTC20k; or apply additional XL10 wall-module with build in sensor on dedicated input terminals
Optional inputs
XL10 wall module input (T7460, T7560-series) with temperature sensor and other functions
network input for temperature sensor, setpoint adjustment, bypass and other functions
1 analogue input configurable for discharge or supply or room temperature sensor NTC20k
network input for open window, occupancy, change over
Stand-alone operation yes
Network operation yes
Bus system LonWorks(R)
LonMark(R) profile 8010
Power supply 24 Vac | 6 VA 
Torque 6 Nm
Housing (HxWxD) 142 mm | 103 mm | 76 mm 
Protection class IP40 for all mounting directions
W7751H3007 TXT
Specification sheet (English) Installation/mounting instruction (English) Certificate (Multilingual)