The TR40 and TR42 series of room sensors and displays are designed to operate with Trend IQX controllers. All models have an integral temperature sensor and variants are available that also include sensors for relative humidity and/or CO2 concentration. The TR42 features a monochrome backlit LCD display which can be configured to show sensor readings and allow user control of fan speed, occupancy and temperature setpoint. Up to 7 devices can be connected to the controller by a two wire Sylk bus which carries both data and power.
Single power/data connection to controller reduces wiring.
Temperature sensing plus versions with humidity and/or CO2
Operates in either C or F.
Common backplate and connections allows easy upgrade from TR40 to TR42.
TR42 only:
Backlit LCD display with temperature, humidity, CO2, fan speed, occupancy and setpoint display options.
Setpoint, fan speed, and occupancy override functions