The TR120/TR120-H are color touch screen wall modules compatible with MERLIN NX and MERLIN NX Compact VAV controllers. The wall module communicates and is powered by the Sylk bus, so no additional wiring is needed. Both versions include integral temperature, while the TR120-H also features a humidity sensor to control comfort. The device enables local controller configuration through an easy-to-use touch screen interface with menu-driven selections.
The home screen can display one to three of any of the following parameters: Temperature Setpoint, Room Temperature, Room Humidity, Outdoor Humidity, Outdoor Temperature, and Time, or one of virtually any parameter in the controller.
Vertical or horizontal orientation.
Restricted tenant access to controller parameters or imposed HVAC settings limits via password protection.
Assign labels for enumerated values.
Link setpoint limits to a network variable.
Access and adjust most parameters in the controller.
Access and adjust the controller schedule.
Balance the VAV system from the wall module.
Permanent retention of user configuration, including setpoints after a power outage