The STW Servies of universal strap-on thermostats are designed for floor heating applications. They are suitable for use as strap-on, wall-mounted, or (with optional immersion well) immersion thermostat.
Devices of the STW Series measure temperature. If the sensor temperature exceeds the set value, a snap-action switch opens, interrupting the electrical circuit. As soon as the sensor temperature drops by more than 10 K, the snap-action switch again closes automatically. (Also, if the sensor temperature drops to below approx. 20 degrees C, the snap-action switch opens, but closes again automatically after the temperature rises again.
Electrical connection M20x1,5
IP class IP54
Housing material PA, ABS, PMMA
Ambient temperature 0 ... 80 oC
Switch function/capacity max: 230 Vac, 12 (2,5) A min: 24 Vac/dc, 100 mA
Capillary tube length 2 m
Certificates CE, UL, PED, DIN EN 14597
Thermostat application strap-on thermostat
Reset function automatic reset
Setpoint device screw
Mounting place strap on pipe
Differential fixed 10 K