Direct-coupled actuator with self-centering shaft adapter.
For the operation of quarter-turn air dampers in safety related applications requiring springreturn fail-safe operation (e.g. frost protection).
For VBG ball valves
Protection class IP54
Position indication rotational angle scales 0..90o, 90..0o
End switch function/capacity models with 1 SPDT switch 250 V, 8 (5) A; adjustable setting between 0o and 95o
Shaft mounting for round shafts 9..16 mm; square shafts 6..13 mm
Spring return yes
Manual operation no
Spring return timing 25 s
Torque 5 Nm
Damper area 1 m2
Additional description
Rotation direction selectable by flipping the actuator 180o around its vertical axis.
Actuator supplied with complete package mounting parts.
Removable wiring box, without cable gland (M20x1,5).
Durable plastic housing with built-in mechanical end-limits.