The temperature sensors have parts in contact with the medium made of stainless steel (1.4571 / 316Ti). The temperature is sensed by a Pt100 resistance thermometer confirming to EN 60 751. The sensor is connected in a 3-wire circuit. The Pt100 resistance thermometers are suitable for use in the temperature range of - 50 ... +400 degrees C.
Sensor as per EN60751: PT100, Class A, 3-wire
Electrical connection screw terminals
Ambient temperature -20 ... 100 oC
Max. pressure 100 bar
Temperature range -50 ... 400 oC
IP class IP67
Temperature element Pt100
Mounting place in well
Immersion depth 100 mm
Additional description
Process Connection: G1/2"
Material: Tube: high-grade steel 1.4571