Variable speed drives for induction- and permanent magnet motors, with built-in RFI filters. EMC and LVD compliant.
The SmartDrive HVAC inverters are especially designed with many advanced features for Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning applications.
Detachable multilanguage HMI with advanced commissioning display/keypad (parameter copy function)
Compact size
Integrated stress removal and 360o grounding for power cable shield inside the device no need for cable glands
Varnished circuit boards as standard
Real Time Clock for timed functions and fault time stamps
Inputs/Outputs: 2 analog inputs (mA/V), 6 digital inputs, 2 relays (NO/NC), 1 thermistor input (PTC), 1 analog output (mA/V), Ethernet (IP), RS485 (MS/TP)
Flexible I/O configuration: 2 free slots for expansion boards
Start Up wizard for extremely fast start of basic pump and fan applications
Mini wizards for more advanced applications: PID, Cascade Control and Resonance sweep wizards
Intelligent automatic functionality: Ramp Time Optimizer, Overtemperature ride-through, Power ride-through etc.
PID controller with advanced features: Sleep mode, Pump Soft fill, pressure loss compensation, Cascade controller etc.
U/f control
Series SmartDrive HVAC
RFI-filter integrated
Voltage 400V
Output frequency 0 ... 320 Hz
Frequency resolution 0.01 Hz
Serial communication Standard: BACnet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, N2. Optional: LonWorks
Immunity fulfills all EMC immunity requirements
EN61800-3, category C2
EN61800-3, category C1 with optional filters Type: RFI.. (see Accessories)
Safety EN61800-5, CE, UL, cUL
1 phase input no
3 phases input yes
IP classPowerLow overload IcontSizeTypeDownloads
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IP classPowerLow overload IcontSizeTypeDownloads
IP211.13.44HVAC400-1P1-21A TXT
IP211.54.84HVAC400-1P5-21A TXT
IP212.25.64HVAC400-2P2-21A TXT
IP21384HVAC400-3P0-21A TXT
IP2149.64HVAC400-4P0-21A TXT
IP215.5124HVAC400-5P5-21A TXT
IP217.5165HVAC400-7P5-21A TXT
IP2111235HVAC400-11P-21A TXT
IP2115315HVAC400-15P-21A TXT
IP2118.5386HVAC400-18P-21A TXT
IP2122466HVAC400-22P-21A TXT
IP2130616HVAC400-30P-21A TXT
IP2137727HVAC400-37P-21A TXT
IP2145877HVAC400-45P-21A TXT
IP21551057HVAC400-55P-21A TXT
IP21751408HVAC400-75P-21A TXT
IP21901708HVAC400-90P-21A TXT
IP211102058HVAC400-110-21A TXT
IP211322619HVAC400-132-21A TXT
IP211603109HVAC400-160-21A TXT
IP classPowerLow overload IcontSizeTypeDownloads
IP541.13.44HVAC400-1P1-54A TXT
IP541.54.84HVAC400-1P5-54A TXT
IP542.25.64HVAC400-2P2-54A TXT
IP54384HVAC400-3P0-54A TXT
IP5449.64HVAC400-4P0-54A TXT
IP545.5124HVAC400-5P5-54A TXT
IP547.5165HVAC400-7P5-54A TXT
IP5411235HVAC400-11P-54A TXT
IP5415315HVAC400-15P-54A TXT
IP5418.5386HVAC400-18P-54A TXT
IP5422466HVAC400-22P-54A TXT
IP5430616HVAC400-30P-54A TXT
IP5437727HVAC400-37P-54A TXT
IP5445877HVAC400-45P-54A TXT
IP54551057HVAC400-55P-54A TXT
IP54751408HVAC400-75P-54A TXT
IP54901708HVAC400-90P-54A TXT
IP541102058HVAC400-110-54A TXT
IP541322619HVAC400-132-54A TXT
IP541603109HVAC400-160-54A TXT