Honeywell HUVF Series is designed for installation inside the air handling units or ductwork of the HVAC system for the purpose of surface disinfection using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. This system is uses UV-C technology which is effective in killing mold, bacteria and viruses. This system is effective in coil cleaning and helps in maintaining the cooling coil efficiency. This UV based system is effective in deactivating the microbes and improving the overall indoor air quality by reducing the microbial load on the indoor air
Additional description FEATURES
Suitable for mounting in AHU near Cooling coil.
Plug and Play design enables ease of installation.
Effective on all types of pathogens.
Effective in IAQ improvement.
Effective deactivation of viruses and bacteria killing with 254 nm wavelength UVC.
Effective in reducing microbe generated VOCs in AHU.