Static compact hydronic meter with electronic measurement based on the ultrasonic principle, consisting of electronic energy calculator, ultrasonic flowmeter and temperature sensors.
Metering of hydronic heating and/or cooling energy in hydronic systems based on volume, supply and return temperature.
Improved power efficiency
High long term stability, tested and verified by independent AGFW test
Insensitive to dirt
Versatile power supply
Optionally with integrated RF, Open Metering Standard, 868MHz
Individual remote reading (AMR) with add on plug & play modules
Measuring process ultrasonic
Display functions LCD, 8-digit
Power source
Standard: 3.6V A-cell lithium battery (11 year lifetime)
Optional: 3.6V D-cell lithium battery (16 year lifetime), 230Vac or 24Vac mains unit
Approval for ultrasonic meter with dynamic range of 1:250 (qi:qp) in class 2
Approved according MID in class 2 and 3 and PTB K 7.2 (cooling)
Dynamic range 1:250