Rigorous design, professional test and calibration for the commercial grade indoor air quality detector. High performance for RESET and/or WELL Certificates, coordinates well with data collection and analysis system, makes multipoint real time monitoring placement easy to achieve. Suitable for intelligent building and systems, air quality data collection systems, green building evaluation systems and ventilation system.
Product description
Additional description FEATURES
• 24-hour online real-time detection of indoor air quality.
• The sensor module in the monitor is specifically designed for detection stability to ensure reliability.
• Long-term operation stability and sensor life
• Providing PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, temperature and humidity sensing in the same module.
• Patented technologies to minimize the influence from ambient temperature and humidity to the measured values.
• Power supply: 1228 VDC/1827 VAC.
• RS-485 Modbus communication interface (optional)
• Three-color light ring indicates different levels of indoor air quality; the light ring can also be turned off.
• Ceiling mounting and wall mounting with contemporary appearance.
• Simple structure and installation, makes even ceiling mounting easy and convenient.
• RESET certified as grade B monitor for Green Building Assessment and Certification.