The OLD TYPE products are not deliverable anymore. They can be replaced with the products shown in the last column. Take care about small differences! It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the right product is chosen.
Old catalogs data:
OLD TYPES A..ZProduct descriptionTypeDownloads
LP914A1045Pneumatic temperature sensorLP914A1045/U
LP914A1060Pneumatic temperature sensorLP914A1045/U
LP914A1193/UPneumatic temperature sensorLP914A1045/U
LP914A1235/UPneumatic temperature sensorLP914A1144/U
PP902Pressure reducing valvePP907A1008
RP7507A1000Electric-pneumatic signal conversion moduleRP7517A1009
TP910A1429Pneumatic room temperature controllerTP970A2020/U
TP913B1036Pneumatic room temperature controllerTP970A2020/U
TP925A1000Pneumatic room temperature sensor (new Type needs 14002362-001)TP974A2000/U
TP974A1000Pneumatic room temperature sensorTP974A2000/U