The OLD TYPE products are not deliverable anymore. They can be replaced with the products shown in the last column. Take care about small differences! It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the right product is chosen.
Old catalogs data:
OLD TYPES A..ZProduct descriptionTypeDownloads
BEL-AM230Damper Actuator 230Vac, 18Nm, 2-posN20230
BEL-AM230-2HDamper Actuator 230Vac, 18Nm, 2-posN20230
BEL-AM230-SDamper Actuator 230Vac, 18Nm, 2-pos, switchesN20230-SW2
BEL-AM230-2-SHDamper Actuator 230Vac, 18Nm, 2-pos, switchesN20230-SW2
BEL-AM24Damper Actuator 24Vac, 18Nm, 2-posN2024
BEL-AM24HDamper Actuator 24Vac, 18Nm, 2-posN2024
BEL-AM24-SDamper Actuator 24Vac, 18Nm, 2-pos, switchesN2024-SW2
BEL-AM24-SHDamper Actuator 24Vac, 18Nm, 2-pos, switchesN2024-SW2
BEL-GM220HDamper Actuator 230Vac, 30Nm, 2-posN34230
BEL-GM24HDamper Actuator 24Vac, 30Nm, 2-posN3424
BEL-LM230-SHDamper Actuator 230Vac, 4Nm, 2-pos, switches (new Type needs SSW2)N05230-2POS
BEL-LM230HDamper Actuator 230Vac, 4Nm, 2-posN05230-2POS
BEL-LM24-SHDamper Actuator 24Vac, 4Nm, 2-pos, switchesN0524-SW2
BEL-LM24HDamper Actuator 24Vac, 4Nm, 2-posN0524
BEL-NM230HDamper Actuator 230Vac, 8Nm, 2-posN10230-2POS
BEL-NM24HDamper Actuator 24Vac, 8Nm, 2-posN1024
M6530A1008Damper Actuator 24Vac, 7,5Nm, 3-posN1024
M6531A1007Damper Actuator 24Vac, 15Nm, 3-posN2024
M6531B1005Damper Actuator 230Vac, 15Nm, 3-posN20230
M6535A1003Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 12Nm, 2-posS1024-2POS
M7531A1005Damper Actuator 24Vac, 15Nm, 0...10VN20010
M7535A1001-7Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 12Nm, 3-posS10010
ML6161E2005Damper Actuator 24Vac, 4Nm, 3-posN0524
ML6161E3011Damper Actuator 24Vac, 5Nm, 3-posN0524
ML6161E3029Damper Actuator 24Vac, 5Nm, 3-pos, switchesN0524-SW2
ML6174E2008Damper Actuator 24Vac, 8Nm, 3-posN1024
ML6174E3014Damper Actuator 24Vac, 10Nm, 3-posN1024
ML6174E3022Damper Actuator 24Vac, 10Nm, 3-pos, switchesN1024-SW2
ML6184E1009Damper Actuator 24Vac, 17Nm, 3-posN2024
ML6184E1017Damper Actuator 24Vac, 17Nm, 3-pos, switchesN2024-SW2
ML6185E1006Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 6Nm, 3-posS10010
ML6185E1014Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 6Nm, 3-pos, switchesS10010-SW2
ML6194E1008Damper Actuator 24Vac, 34Nm, 3-posN3424
ML6661E3010Damper Actuator 230Vac, 5Nm, 3-posN05230-2POS
ML6661E3028Damper Actuator 230Vac, 5Nm, 3-pos, switches (new Type needs SSW2)N05230-2POS
ML6674E3013Damper Actuator 230Vac, 10Nm, 3-posN10230-2POS
ML6674E3021Damper Actuator 230Vac, 10Nm, 3-pos, switches (new Type needs SSW2)N10230-2POS
ML6684E1008Damper Actuator 230Vac, 17Nm, 3-posN20230
ML6684E1016Damper Actuator 230Vac, 17Nm, 3-pos, switchesN20230-SW2
ML6694E1007Damper Actuator 230Vac, 34Nm, 3-pos, switches (new Type needs SSW2)N34230
ML7161E2004Damper Actuator 24Vac, 4Nm, 0...10VN05010
ML7161E3010Damper Actuator 24Vac, 5Nm, 0...10VN05010
ML7161E3028Damper Actuator 24Vac, 5Nm, 0...10V, switchesN05010-SW2
ML7174E2004Damper Actuator 24Vac, 4Nm, 0...10VN05010
ML7174E2007Damper Actuator 24Vac, 8Nm, 0...10VN10010
ML7174E3013Damper Actuator 24Vac, 10Nm, 0...10VN10010
ML7174E3021Damper Actuator 24Vac, 10Nm, 0...10V, switchesN10010-SW2
ML7284E1006Damper Actuator 24Vac, 17Nm, 0...10VN20010
ML7285E1003Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 6Nm, 0...10VS10010
ML7294E1005Damper Actuator 24Vac, 34Nm, 0...10VN34010
ML7295E1007Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 16Nm, 0...10VS20010
ML7295E1015Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 16Nm, 0...10V, switchesS20010-SW2
ML8195E1003Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 16Nm, 2-posS2024-2POS
ML8195E1011Spring Return Damper Actuator 24Vac, 16Nm, 2-pos, switchesS2024-2POS-SW2
N20230-2POSDamper Actuator 230Vac, 20Nm, 2-posN20230
N2024-2POSDamper Actuator 24Vac, 20Nm, 2-posN2024
N20010ADamper Actuator 24Vac, 20Nm, 0...10VN20010
N20010A-SW2Damper Actuator 24Vac, 20Nm, 0...10V, switchesN20010-SW2
N20230ADamper Actuator 230Vac, 20Nm, 3-posN20230
N20230A-SW2Damper Actuator 230Vac, 20Nm, 3-pos, switchesN20230-SW2
N2024ADamper Actuator 24Vac, 20Nm, 3-posN2024
N2024A-SW2Damper Actuator 24Vac, 20Nm, 3-pos, switchesN2024-SW2
N34010ADamper Actuator 24Vac, 34Nm, 0...10VN34010
N34230ADamper Actuator 230Vac, 34Nm, 3-posN34230
N3424ADamper Actuator 24Vac, 34Nm, 3-posN3424