The OLD TYPE products are not deliverable anymore. They can be replaced with the products shown in the last column. Take care about small differences! It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the right product is chosen.
Old catalogs data: http://products.ecc.emea.honeywell.com/europe-historic-new/index.html
OLD TYPES A..ZProduct descriptionTypeDownloads
V5431A10253-way rotary valve DN15 internal threadDR15GMLA
V5431A10333-way rotary valve DN20 internal threadDR20GMLA
V5431A10413-way rotary valve DN25 internal threadDR25GMLA
V5431A10583-way rotary valve DN32 internal threadDR32GMLA
V5431A10663-way rotary valve DN40 internal threadDR40GMLA
V5431F10323-way rotary valve DN20 flangeDR20GFLA
V5431F10403-way rotary valve DN25 flangeDR25GFLA
V5431F10573-way rotary valve DN32 flangeDR32GFLA
V5431F10653-way rotary valve DN40 flangeDR40GFLA
V5431F10733-way rotary valve DN50 flangeDR50GFLA
V5431F10813-way rotary valve DN65 flangeDR65GFLA
V5431F10993-way rotary valve DN80 flangeDR80GFLA
V5431F11073-way rotary valve DN100 flangeDR100GFLA
V5431F11153-way rotary valve DN125 flangeDR125GFLA
V5431F11233-way rotary valve DN150 flangeDR150GFLA
V5441A10564-way rotary valve DN32 internal threadZR32MA
V5441A10644-way rotary valve DN40 internal threadZR40MA
V5441F10554-way rotary valve DN32 flangeZR32FA
V5441F10634-way rotary valve DN40 flangeZR40FA
V5441F10714-way rotary valve DN50 flangeZR50FA
V5441F10894-way rotary valve DN65 flangeZR65FA
V5441F10974-way rotary valve DN80 flangeZR80FA
V5441F11134-way rotary valve DN125 flangeZR125FA
V5441F11214-way rotary valve DN150 flangeZR150FA
V5441F11394-way rotary valve DN200 flangeZR200FA