Honeywell Inverters economy 1,1..30kW, IP21/IP54, NXLAA

Speed controller for induction motors, with built-in RFI filters. EMC and LVD compliant.
The inverters are suitable for High/Low Overload (constant/variable torque) applications. To control pumps and fans for heating , ventilation and air conditioning systems, normally Low Overload inverters are used. Industrial or process installations normally require High Overload inverters.
Features: AC choke included for protection against overvoltage
flexible I/O configuration; 1 free slot
compact housing
power module with metal chassis for compliance with RFI regulations and safety
detachable HMI-panel for parameter settings, alarms, start/stop functions, using a code-number system
1 all-round software package included, other packages can be installed on site
CE-Mark declaration enclosed in manual
RFI-filter: integrated
Brake chopper: integrated
Output frequency: 0...320Hz
Frequency resolution: 0.01Hz
Serial communication: optional: Interbus-S, Modbus, Echelon, Profibus
Immunity: EN61800-3 (H)
Emissions: EN61800-3 (H)
Safety: EN 50178, CE, UL, C-UL, FI, GOST R
Series: NXL
1 phase input: no
3 phases input: yes
Voltage: 400V

Power ratings at 380 V power supply
IP class: IP54
High overload (for Machines): 22kW
High overload Icont: 46A
Power: 30kW
Low overload Icont: 61A