Honeywell IQ3 Integration Controllers

The IQ3../.../XNC/... provides a flexible way of interfacing the IQ system with 3rd party systems. It utilises both standard IQ configuration modules, and the Trend Custom Language (TCL) to present information from other systems as though it were from an IQ controller. It also allows parameters within the 3rd party system to be adjusted from IQ system Supervisor and Tool software. The optional serial auxiliary board (/SER/) provides an additional RS232 or RS485 (2/4 wire) (or also RS422) port for communicating with other devices.
The product also includes:
All standard IQ3 features
Modbus drivers (free download from Trend website)
MBus drivers (free download from Trend website)

Trend LAN/Ethernet
UI: 10
DI: no
TI: no
AO: 6
DO: no
DOS: no
Network: Trend LAN
Integration possible with: TCP/IP
Maximum expansion: 15 modules, 80 points
Power: 24Vac/24..60Vdc