Honeywell IQ246 Controllers

The IQ246 is designed to provide a small footprint with a relatively high capacity of inputs and outputs and can be used for the control of all types of building plant. Pre-fitting the controller bracket enable the plant and supplies to be wired in advance, and the controller to be plugged in for commissioning. D-type connectors are provided for the inputs and outputs enabling multi-core cabling to bespoke terminal layouts. The IQ246 can provide up to 32 digital inputs, 20 analogue inputs and 20 voltage outputs. All analogue inputs can be individually link-configured for voltage current or thermistor signals. It can operate either as a stand-alone device or as a part of a Building Management System.
Network: Trend LAN
AI: 20
DI: 32
AO: 20

Power: 24Vdc