Honeywell HVAC controller with configurable applications, and relay outputs, TIGER (CLTG38)

CentraLine controller with relay outputs, for HVAC applications. The controller can be applied for stand-alone operation, dial-up and in network systems.
Control software: control software embedded, with hundreds of different selectable applications and parameter settings
Hardware inputs: Analog Inputs (AI) for NTC20k sensors, 0..10 V, 0/4..20 mA active sensors (apply signal separator!) or slow switching dry contact
Digital Inputs (DI) for potential free contacts, 24 Vdc or 24 Vac
Hardware outputs: Analogue Outputs (AO) 0..10V=
Digital Outputs (DO) relay contact SPDT or SPST
Management applications: ARENA / RANGER
Stand-alone operation: yes
Bus system description: LonWorks(R) bus for data exchange with other TIGER, or PANTHER controllers, and building automation management systems with ARENA, or alarm monitoring with RANGER
Transceiver type: LonWorks(R) FTT10A
Mounting: DIN rail
Protection class: IP30
Type of terminals: screw terminals with terminal block
Memory back-up: goldcap capacitor for 72 hours buffer
Power supply: 24Vac
LonWorks(R) connection: directly connectable
Use COACH software from CentraLine to select the right control software for the required installation.

TIGER controller; 8 AI, 14 DI, 4 AO, 12 DO (3 SPDT, 9 SPST)
Product description: TIGER controller with LON