The Smart Display Unit (SDU) enables the user to view and adjust selected controller parameters within the IQL controller. It provides all the facilities necessary for the operation of a stand-alone building control system. It is a 4 line by 20 character display panel for mounting on a standard pattress. The Lon version connects to Lon and is associated with an IQL controller; the SDU can only access information in the connected controller. All the adjustments from the SDU can be PIN protected using the controllers built-in security system. The accessible display pages can be selected by setting the SDU mode Unrestricted, Display and Directory mode etc.).
Model For all IQLs
Additional description Electro-luminescent 4 x 20 character display
4 illuminated buttons for selection and adjustment
Allows viewing and adjustment of plant parameters, and occupation times
Programmable SDU mode specifies accessible parameters
Programmable SDU text language
Provides time zone for IQL
IQL real time clock with daylight saving
Compatible with all IQLs