The IQEYE Collector collects the data necessary for the IQ EYE Server to carry out the performance monitoring calculations.
Via its integrated EINC L It also enables IQ networks running on the IQ system current loop Lan, Ethernet, and LonWorks bus to be integrated into a single network. It operates at the internetwork level, including the necessary support for WANs. It also provides virtual CNCs that allow supervisory/tool software running in PCs connected to the Ethernet network to connect to the BMS system.
Operation on LonWorks bus is achieved without the need for any LonWorks network management.
Network TCP/IP + LON + Trend LAN
Additional description UK only requires IQ Assured service agreement to activate
Collection of data for IQEYE Server.
Collection of loop, alarm, and commuication performance data from IQ1, IQ2, IQ3, and IQL controllers.
Integral modem for connection to internet.
Integration of IQ network on IQ system current loop Lan, Ethernet and LonWorks bus via integrated EINC L.
10/100 BASE-T interface.
Eight virtual CNCs for PC connection using Ethernet.
FLASH retains configured data during power fail.
Integration of IQL controllers into IQ system.
Connection to LonWorks bus with IqlTool 2 using virtual CNC.
DHCP Enabled.