Thermistor space temperature sensors for the measurement of ambient temperature. The Room Display is a temperature sensor and 3 digit display with control and indication of setpoint, and optional control and indication of fan speed and occupancy. There are IQ and IQL versions; the IQ version connects to the IQ controller via its local supervisor (RS232) port, and the IQL version connects to the IQL+ or IQLVAV controller via a digital (TBus) input. Both IQ and IQL versions can either be fitted on a standard pattress or be panel mounted.
Temperature element NTC10k
Temperature range 10 ... 40 oC
Protection class IP30, NEMA1
Mounting place internal wall
Setpoint device digital
Additional description Single power/signal connection to IQL+s, most IQ2xx, and IQ3
Celsius or Fahrenheit display
Icon indication of fan speed and occupancy states
Digital display of local temperature or setpoint
Adjustments configurable with out of box default