The EINC, Ethernet Internetwork Node Controller, provides the means by which the Building Management System network can incorporate an Ethernet network. The EINC operates at the internetwork level, including the necessary support for WANs (e.g. TMN support). It also provides virtual CNCs which allow supervisory or tool software running in PCs connected to the Ethernet network to connect to the BMS system.
The EDS-205 and EDS-305-M-SC are industrial 5-port Ethernet switch that supports IEE 820.3/820.3u/820.3x with 10/100M, full half duplex, MDI/MDIX autosensing RJ45 ports. The EDS-305-M-SC also has a built in relay warning function which alerts maintainers when power failures or port breaks occur and is equipped with 4 10/100T(X) ports and 1 single mode 100baseFX port, SC connector. Both devices operate over a wide temperature range and are DIN rail mounting, making them ideal for most industrial environments.
The IMC-101-M-SC,which has been designed for stable operation in industrial environments, provides conversion between 10/100BaseT(X) and 100 BaseFX. It rated to operate at temperature ranging from 0 - 60oC, and is DIN rail mounting, making it ideal for most industrial environments.