The IQL15+ is a terminal unit controller which can be networked using a LonWorks network. It can communicate with other IQLs and LonMark devices via the LonWorks network, and with IQ system networked devices via a 3XTEND/EINC L. It has 3 relay outputs (normally to control fan speed), and 4 triac outputs (normally to control valves or dampers). A fourth relay is used either as an electric heater output (/E version) or as an auxiliary contact output (/AUX version). It has 3 variable resistance inputs of which the first is normally a thermistor temperature sensor. There are also 2 digital inputs for monitoring manual buttons or alarm contacts, one of these (IN4) can be used to connect a Room Display.
Network LON
AI 3
DI 2
DO 4
Triac 4
Comments analogue input: thermistor only