Class "A" Safety Shutoff Solenoid Gas Valve with threaded connections.
For control and regulation of gaseous fluids in gas power burners, gas boilers, ovens, furnaces and other gas consuming appliances.
Gas valve type non regulated ON/OFF normally closed, fast opening
Media natural gas, propane, air.
Materials aluminium die cast body
Protection class IP54
Electrical connection PG11
Approvals class "A" in accordance with EN161
Max. operating pressure 200 mbar
Port connection flanges ISO7005
Ambient temperature -15 ... 60 oC
Maximum opening time 1 s
Maximum closing time 1 s
Additional description Optional Closed Position Indication Switch (CPI switch) is ordered separately
GVF65-230 and GVF80-230 have adjustable maximum flow rate on the bottom of the coil
4 auxiliary pressure taps with Rp 1/4" threaded connections, 2 on the inlet side, 2 on the outlet side.